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Co-Working VS Staying At Your Home-Based Office

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Nowadays, most people leave their 8AM - 5PM and prefer to work as a freelancer. Why? Your salary is higher and your schedule is flexible. Who doesn’t want these things, right? But working as a freelancer requires a lot of things. For instance, the number one question that will pop into your mind is, where should I work? You can choose from these options — home, cafes, or co-working spaces. Choosing the best workplace is a serious and very personal decision. Which option is best for you?

Home-Based Office

Working from home is often the go-to option for the starting freelancers. The biggest advantage of working from home is you will save money. Working in your home office allows you to work anytime and in any way you like even work in your pajamas. Despite these, there are downfalls about working at home. It can be difficult to mentally switch off your work life to your personal life, there’s no place to meet potential clients, or even expanding your team and of course the distractions around your home.

Cafe Options

Working from coffee shops is perhaps the most popular choice among freelancers: working while you sip your favourite drink. Coffee shops are also a good choice but however, you can’t assure that you will have a quiet place since some of them tend to blast their music, rowdy set of customers and internet connection is unstable due to the people who are also connecting, you can’t have the best seat with a power outlet.

Co-Working Spaces

To sum it all up, your best option are co-working spaces; perfect place to hustle and get your job done. Co-working spaces tend to do a "first-come first-serve basis". However, sometimes they have designated desks or private offices that you can rent out. Joining a co-working space have countless benefits -- such as seminars or events that are held to gather freelancers that can lead to potential networking opportunities, faster wifi, more comfortable chairs, and sometimes free drinks. It's the perfect place to be motivated of because you are surrounded with people who have the same drive as you: to build up their own business.

Article by Rodilyn Mueda