The HubCube Private Cubes VS Traditional Commercial Offices

Ever stumbled upon The HubCube co-working space and saw the infamous "Private Cube" signage? Well, here's the real deal between renting a Private Cube compared to the traditional office lease everyone seems to have been used to.

To start with, the world is running online. We live in a day and age where you can get your food ordered at a single click, you gain friends just by scrolling through an online feed, you get to be a famous personality just by uploading a parody video, or what have you. This goes to show that we are no longer living in a cave. We have been modernized by time, whether we like it or not... and that's where we come in.

As an online freelancer who rely solely on the MBPS of an internet service provider, you will need a place where connection is nonstop. It's your bread and butter, after all. Leasing a traditional office space will require you tons of papers and documents, and this will most probably cost you an arm and a leg. Trust that it's too pricey for anyone's liking. At The HubCube, our Private Cubes were designed (and priced) with you in mind.

Priced at only P5000 per month, renting a Private Cube with us will get you your own premium address in Bacolod City. Located at the 3rd floor, HiStrip 4, the view from above is immensely addictive. Inside, you'll have your own dedicated desk oozing with professionalism. You also have access to an unlimited brewing of coffee courtesy of Little Farmers Coffee Brim. Need to hold a meeting with your peers? Our Conference Room is available at your request -- plus, it's free of charge when you're a monthly Cuber.

The HubCube Private Cubes offer you a prime way to do your online freelance business. We do things with style and minimalism. For a budget-friendly price, you're sure to get things done in no time! We take care of the rest, promise.



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