The HubCube Co-Working Space In Bacolod City

Before finalizing the decision of putting up a co-working space, the co-founders of The HubCube were up to something already. Liz, who is now the HR, Legal & Admin of the company, was looking to start a business -- but didn't really know who to partner up with. Elonah, on the other hand, was looking for an office space to house her startup digital agency in the city. Looking for the perfect office space was tricky, though; other places were impressively good-looking, but expensive. The other offerings were a tad bit cheap, but they didn't exactly fit into the "private office" aura.

A few coffee meetings later, and The HubCube concept was born.

Today, we're proud to introduce to you a new approach to co-working: private, efficient and innovative. Plus, an amazing view of the booming scene in Bacolod City is just too enticing to resist, yes? See you all on our soft opening this May 2019. We are located at the 3rd floor, HiStrip 4, Bacolod City. Book a space or schedule a tour when we open!



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