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Introducing #WorkHub, A New Online Job Platform For Filipino Freelancers

We will keep it short, but sweet, folks.

We know other online job platforms out there have been quite too expensive to use (because we use these platforms ourselves!). The hefty price of applying for jobs, working for clients and receiving payments is just way too much for Filipino freelancers... right? In line with this, we have created a platform that will connect you to everyone across all continents.

Introducing #WorkHub, an online job platform where clients and Filipino freelancers meet at a click of a button. It's fuss-free and easy to use. Once you're an online member, you get access to all job posting forms, job hirings, announcements and more!

Here's how to use #WorkHub if you're new:

1. Once you're logged in to www.thehubcube.club, click on Profile and update your About Me section to have clients and members get to know you better.

2. Next, click the "Join me." button to continue to the #WorkHub platform.

3. Finally you're at the #WorkHub platform! Find jobs as a freelancer, post jobs as a client, join the forum and discuss amazing ideas with other members. See that "Members Chat" button? You can use it to chat directly with members, too! Easy, right?

We hope you'll have a wonderful time using #WorkHub as much as we enjoyed creating it for all the talented Filipino freelancers out there. This is your time to shine.

Try #WorkHub now.