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Grow your business with us. Talented Filipino freelancers at a click of a button.

The HubCube is not just a co-working space. We're the co-working space of the future. We have the platform to connect talented freelancers with clients across all continents in just a simple click of a button. Join as a freelancer, or start hiring for one. We've got you covered!

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Looking for a job?


  • Receive payments thru Paypal, and link it to your bank account in minutes.

  • Rates have been pre-approved to cater to the freelancers looking for short-term or long-term work.

  • Follow, communicate and submit your work to clients in the HubCube Platform all in one go.

  • Send and receive feedback for work submitted and achieved.

  • Focused on Filipino-first, giving hometown freelancers a chance at online work.

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The world's most innovative clients use WorkHub, an online platform where clients and freelancers meet at a click of a button. Join us for free today!

Why join WorkHub?

We make things simple at a single click of a button. Once you're an online member, you get access to hundreds of job postings, job advertisements, company marketings and more. Plus, it's free! We're pro freelancers here.

Need to hire someone?


  • Send payments thru Paypal, and let your freelancer receive it in minutes.

  • More than 220+ talented Filipino freelancers at a click of a button.

  • Follow, communicate and request job tasks and deadlines to freelancers in the WorkHub online platform all in one go.

  • Send and receive feedback for work submitted by freelancers.

  • Focused on Filipino-first, giving you a chance to hire the best freelancers in the Philippines.

Start posting for a job today.

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